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53% the CEOs expect global growth to decline over the next year.

But you can see your profits soar when you let us fix your problems. Watch traffic turn to Conversions. Stop worrying about your bottom line and watch your business turn from shaky to robust.

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Take the guess work out of your next attempt to get the customers you’re targeting. Get the success you deserve by using our secret sauce. Let Gaurav Guru’s bazooka blast away your competition and propel you to the top.

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We’re certain of your success and we stand behind you, committed to empowering your brand.

Welcome to Gaurav Guru’s secret arsenal

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Give us a call and let us sort out your problems. Our trained analyst will get a snapshot of your goals and objectives and find a way to streamline a plan tailor-made just for you.
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Let’s create something awesome together. 

I value your time here. How can I help?

With 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience and coaching, I’ve learned a thing or two. And I’m on a  mission to help 100,000 people earn money using the power of the internet.


4 Ways Gaurav Guru Can Help Your Business Grow: 



Training & Education

Through comprehensive courses and custom live training, become an in-demand digital marketing professional or use these skills to accelerate your own business.



As a coach, help you or your team to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and master digital marketing to gain a superior strategic edge.



As your virtual digital strategist, help you systemize and scale your operations with strategy and tactics to get more traffic and convert into leads and sales.



With an engaging and valuable experience for an audience as a speaker/trainer/guest lecturer/panelist to help discover exponential growth in digital marketing.

Running a business is hard enough; without also having to worry about sales and marketing, so let me take care of it for you.

Some Awesome Clients:
Client Logos

“Gaurav is a leader in the digital marketing space. A pioneer - well ahead of the curve. He can deliver serious results with his consulting and training programs.”

-Anil Lamba, Director, Lamcon School of Management

“Well, all I can say is Wow. I feel so lucky to have found a gem like Gaurav. Carried out a few campaigns for me, all of which have resulted in great results with regards to rankings. If I email, he emails back very quickly. If I contact him via Skype, he is there and the communication between us is fantastic. He's also clued on on the best ways to do things.”

-Andy Black, Digital Specialist

“Seemingly fundamental stuff and yet extremely powerful insights given by Gaurav. Access to tools, access to interesting hacks to get your digital marketing game up. I strongly recommend,”

-Sameer Dua, The Institute of Generative Leadership

“Gaurav has helped me drive traffic for my one crore coach and other workshops and I'm really a happy and satisfied customer. Very professional, very caring for the clients and most importantly result driven approach. Thumbs up for the good job.”

-Devanand Gadhvi


All the resources, training, and support you need to run your dream online business!

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Why Choose

Rules? What Rules?

If you are prepared to turn your business upside down and look at it from an all new perspective you will be excited to learn from us.

Not only will you experience a massive paradigm shift, your bottom line will increase. That is the “bottom line”.

But before that…

Do you agree that the tell-tale signs of the storm ahead are already shaking the world? 

  • Unfortunately, millions of people are losing their jobs. Average consumers are freaking out.
  • Airlines, hotels, and the travel industry are in a coma. They are borrowing to stay afloat but are sinking into the quicksand of debt.
  • People are not venturing out. Malls are closed, and automobiles are not selling. Business is uncertain.
  • But one thing remains the same, people are spending more time on the Internet. People are buying more and more, consuming data like the duracell bunny.

So, what can Gaurav Gurbaxani and his team do for you today?

We look at every change from a different angle. We see opportunities in every turn. Like Formula One racers, we build you a strategy to zoom past your competitors at every bend, called a change.

The business ecosystem is going to depend on education and execution. We are experts in transforming your business into a lean and mean, turbo-charged, efficient revenue generator - even when you sleep.

We don’t offer textbook consulting. We install metrics and analytics dashboards to show your ROI grow against every dollar spent, as you implement our solutions.

We have served hundreds of domestic and international clients. Their testimonials prove the high quality of our service and care.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. 

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